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Mix Factory for Electronic Devices was established in the year 1439 AH. By obtaining a patent No. 5446 dated 16/10/1438 AH from King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology as well as obtaining a patent No. 105690 dated 4/10/2018 from the state of Germany. The company obtained many certificates that make the product conform to international specifications such as the approval of the product with an energy efficiency certificate from the Saudi Organization for Standardization and Metrology and also the company obtained a SGS certificate in the manufacture of the product from the international organization that allows the manufacture of the product globally and protect the product from being manufactured in an irregular manner.

With these certificates, internationally and locally certified, it makes the product able to compete with any product in the market. In this sense, the Mix Factory Company is accelerating until this product appears on the global list of products without a competitor locally or internationally as the product is characterized by the degree of cooling that was added to the heating side and in this capacity it is characterized by a cold hot mix heater device that can be used in all four seasons of the year. Note that, in contrast, other products that share a hot cold cold mix are distinguished by heating water in the winter season only. As for the rest of the year, which is equivalent to more than 8 months, the other devices are lost without work, and the customer does not benefit from them, especially in the summer, spring and autumn, unlike a mixed heater device Hot and cold that is in use all year round.

Through this characteristic and advantage, the company founded for electronic devices and radiated its light among the companies that work in the manufacture of heaters and became distinguished by this product, which has no competitor in the market and is considered to be of fundamental value in its presence in the Saudi markets first and global markets second. Through the ideas of the sons of the homeland, this idea was formed and crystallized and formed into a real product that God, after God, depends on in establishing a company capable of contributing to moving the wheel of development for the dear homeland by listing a new product in the Saudi market and creating jobs for the dear homeland


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