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The product


It is Hot & Cold mix heater From King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology as well as a patent holder an invention from the State of Germany. you can see the rest of the details in the Department ” about company ” (more).




Cold & Hot  Mix machine 40 liter anti-rust

Cold & Hot  Mix is resistant to salinity

Cold & Hot  Mix machine leak-proof

Cold & Hot  Mix machine with overheat protection

Cold & Hot  Mix Machine with electrical contact protection

As the current is converted from 220 to 24 unable to stun the person

Cold & Hot  Mix Machine Save More Than 60% Energy

Cold & Hot  Mix machine 40 liter low noise

Cold & Hot  Mix Machine Extra Safety Standard

High Quality 40L Cold Hot Mix Machine

Cold & Hot  Mix Machine holds SGS International Certificate

Cold & Hot Mix machine 40 liter 3 years warranty

Cold & Hot Mix machine 40 liters temperature level The cold To 5 in the summer and to 75 in the winter.


The price of the product

Cold & Hot Mix Machine 40 L at  (2250 SAR